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The Vision

Our Aim

With My Whole Heart is designed to create a forum of support for primary caregivers who selfishly give themselves to care for elderly (65+) loved ones that are experiencing severe life-altering health challenges.
Our aim is simple ... to take care of those who take care of everyone else by providing a sense of community and resources.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create awareness about services that promote the value of
self-care through a series of events such as:

  • Self-care programs

  • Mental health educational seminars

  • Community bonding via support groups and check-ins.

Annual award contest where three (3) recipient(s) will receive a gift or experience of their choosing that could include:

  • A day event/trip

  • Tickets to a show and dinner

  • An item that will benefit the caregiver in assisting their loved ones.

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